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利用我们的新折扣层的世界域名。如果你一直在考虑注册或更新。IO 域名,现在是时候这么做了。你可以起来 8% 关闭标准价格当你利用耐思尼克 "更多注册-更高层次-更低的价格在世界域名"!
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账户级别 IO域名价格 相应折扣
市场 ¥510 0%
普通投资家 ¥498 3%
高级投资家 ¥480 6%
资深投资家 ¥474 8%
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The British Indian Ocean Territory or Chagos Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Indonesia, it has an estimated population of approximately 4000 people and the official language is English.

The economy of the British Indian Ocean Territory is concentrated on Diego-Garcia, where the Anglo-American defense facilities are located. Much of this is in the form of construction projects top support the military installation, and there is some contribution from the licensing of commercial fishing in territorial waters.

Requirements Unrestricted
Registration Time Instantly
CountryBritish Indian Ocean Territory
Country Dialing Code+246
.IO 域名批量注册
* 每行一个域名
* 10 每次域名
* 加上ICANN的费用¢18/年
* 所有价格不包括增值税
* 检查定价 更新
* 价格随汇率浮动。
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