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What will you create on Dot App? .app​ is the new, more secure domain for your app. It’s where developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses showcase information about their apps to the world. What is an App? The term ‘App’ is a modern take on the word software or application, most commonly small, specifically designed ones used for mobile devices. We have seen the popularity of apps rise to a staggering level, so much so, that phrases such as “Download the App” or “Is there an app for that?” have become a part of our everyday lingo. Both Apple and Google accommodate app stores with an ever increasing store of applications to suit ones every need. There are applications where you can perform Origami on your phone, applications that ensure you reach your destination (or sometimes a dead end), and apps for your never ending need to post food photos. Some apps will check your grammar, spelling and punctuation as you go or even provide a symphony for your ears, wherever you are. Apps certainly make the mobile world go ‘round, and now they have their own digital gateway on the internet with the launch of Dot App, the latest generic top-level domain to hit the market. The launch of Dot App, the latest generic top-level domain will provide a secure, digital location on the internet for the growing App industry. Dot App will be the new, relevant TLD for developers, programmers, designers, reviewers, or those businesses dedicated to the world of apps. With mobile traffic now exceeding that of desktop, there is a whole new field of marketing available for businesses to branch into with apps and Dot App. Dot App, available to register.




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